Common Garage Door Problems

Common Garage Door Problems

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The importance of having a good and functional garage door is not a secret. Apart from the fact that it adds an aesthetic appeal to your home, its main purpose is to provide safety. Like many other electrical appliances, there may be times when it is not functioning well. You may be able to fix it but most of the time you will need experts from garage door repair Mahwah to do the job for you.
Here are some of the most common garage problems and some ways to fix it:Common Garage Door Problems

• The door produces loud annoying sounds.

These sounds may be the effect of a broken garage door spring or you may have dry rollers, hinges, or bearings. A professional should replace the spring if damaged and lubricate the dry parts.

• The garage does not close completely.

This happens when your tracks are bent and your springs are already worn out. A technician can try to straighten bends and replace your springs.

• It is stuck or jammed.

There may be an obstruction on the door’s trail or your remote control may not be working. You must check if there are foreign particles on the trail and remove it. You can also lubricate and check the batteries of your remote control.

• The door works in the reverse direction.

This is a sure sign of damaged parts so you must check everything but if nothing works, an expert assistance would be best.

• The garage suddenly opens without you opening it.

Apart from fact that someone might be playing with the remote, this may be an electrical wiring problem. If you do not have any knowledge on wirings, garage door repair professionals will fix this for you.

Garage doors’ good condition must be maintained so you can save money and time. Your safety will not be jeopardized if this is met.

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