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Can I wash my wood garage door?

You can wash the wood garage door using mild detergents and water. Though, you must make sure it's dried well and be very careful if there're serious damages. If the varnish skin is too thin, you don't want water penetrating the material. It's best to coat it once it's dry to ensure its resistance.

Why should I get battery backup devices if I have the release cord?

Having automatic garage door operation even during power outage is important. Suppose that you're approaching your home and there's no power. You'll have to get in the house to open the door manually in order to bring the car in. Backup batteries save you the trouble and enhance safety.

Why should we maintain garage doors if they work properly?

We don't maintain garage doors to fix problems. If there are problems, they're repaired but the main reason for maintenance is to take care of the system. It's like a day in the spa for it. Parts will be tightened, lubricated and adjusted.

What is the purpose of garage door photosensors?

Photosensors or photoelectric eyes are a component of door openers. They serve as the eyes that see obstructions along the door of the garage. They are part of the safety features of most modern door opening units. They detect objects that may block the door panel as it closes to tell the door opener to stop or reverse its movement.

Why is my opener making a grinding sound without lifting the door?

This indicates that the moving gear inside the motor unit might be broken. The motor works and spins the shaft so that the gear can turn and run the chain or belt along the rail. However, the gear cannot do its job and the door stays in place. The broken component has to be replaced straight away.

How often should I change the opener access code?

Unless the device is equipped with rolling code technology, which changes the code automatically after every operation of the door, the professionals of Garage Door Repair Mahwah recommend that you change it at least once a month and preferably once every week. Memorize the new code and share it with everyone else who uses the garage.

What is the best garage door for me?

The answer to this question is completely subjective. There are a number of factors that can influence your choice in garage door. Personal preference is important in making a decision here. Compatibility is another thing that you should consider when looking for a suitable door. The style of the door must complement that of your garage or your home. Furthermore, energy efficiency and noise reduction technology are two key features that you should look into before making a purchase.

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