Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Let us introduce ourselves through the testimonials of other people, who already work with us

Welcome to a page designed to introduce you to the experiences of our customers with our garage door services as they shared in their testimonials. Find out what impressions they got from our company, from our technicians, and solutions in particular. You will find the information available here to be highly useful.

Our technicians provide great repair solutions for remote clickers

Great Panel Replacement Service

"The bottom panel of my overhead door had decayed completely and had to be changed. After comparing several service providers, I chose Garage Door Repair Mahwah because of the fast service. Indeed, the technician brought the new panel at the agreed time. I was pleased that there was no delay. The best part was that the panel matched the other ones precisely in terms of make and looks. I was pleasantly surprised with the quick garage door panel replacement as well. He also gave me important advice on how to prevent future wood decay. If you need professional repair services, this provider is the best."

Opener Repair Service of High Quality

"My chain drive garage door opener stopped working all of a sudden and I had to disconnect it and close the door manually. I called this service provider for help after recommendation from my neighbor. I got an appointment for the same day and this was more than wonderful. The specialist came in on time and got to work immediately. He replaced the broken moving gear inside the motor unit and cleaned and lubricated the chain. I could not have hoped for a better service. The unit works without a glitch now. It is much quieter than before as well. If you need a professional service of high quality, I suggest turning to Garage Door Repair Mahwah."

New Garage Door Installation Makeover

"Our house is a little old. I grew up living in this house and I plan on raising my kids in this beautiful home as well. Our garage door has certainly seen better days. The tracks were rusted and I thought that some of the springs needed to be replaced. I called your company up and you guys were awesome. The replacement was beautiful. What your guys brought was what I certainly had in mind. After the repairs were made and I was handed the remote, opening and closing that brand new door was a dream. Thank you so much for once again making my old home look new!"

- Terry Shaw

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