Case Story - The Cable That Snapped

Case Story - The Cable That Snapped

The cable provides the connection between the garage door and the motor and is responsible for doing all the heavy lifting of the door.

My garage door was in pristine working order although I had been using it for over three years

I had had to get the springs replaced from time to time and had a new door opener installed not so long ago but there wasn’t any major issue that I had to contend with. All that changed one day when I was going out for a picnic. I got into my car with my family and pressed the button on the garage opener remote to open the door but it didn’t open. I pressed the remote again and even changed the batteries but the door didn’t budge. I tried opening the door manually but it was stuck there and didn’t move no matter how hard I tried. 

It was extremely frustrating not only because I had to cancel the picnic but also because it was a Sunday and I was sure that I would not find anyone to fix the issue that had caused my door to suddenly become an immovable rock. However, I tried calling a few repair services that didn’t pick up until finally I got lucky and got in touch with the people at Garage Door Repair CityName. I was delighted to learn that they were willing to look at my problem and would soon send a team to have my garage door checked.

The technicians of the company arrived within an hour of my call and immediately got down to finding the issue with my door. Since my door wasn’t responding at all, they tried checking my remote and door opener which were both working just fine. They then inspected the spring which was in good working condition too. The cable was the last thing that they checked and were shocked to find that it had completely snapped off. I was pretty shocked to find that too because I knew that had anyone been under the door when the cable snapped, they would have gotten seriously injured.

Having identified the root cause of the problem, the technicians told me that the cable had to be replaced. I concurred with their decision and they installed a new cable to get my door moving again. The good thing was that the cable replacement work didn’t take much time and I was able to get my family to the picnic. It all became possible because the technicians did their work quickly and efficiently. Many thanks to them!

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