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Get acquainted with garage door parts and choose the best repair parts from these tips.

Make sure your extension springs are safe

Apart from checking the extension garage door springs often, you must also ensure they're both replaced together. Otherwise, the burden of the door's heavy weight will fall to the new spring and the door won't open evenly. Our Mahwah experts also suggest investing in safety cables that will keep extension springs in place should they break.

Ensure the brackets are secure

Garage door brackets are used to secure other parts of the mechanism with bolts and nuts. They must be tightened well and certainly rust free. When the brackets are secured against the wall or the ceiling, the other garage door parts will also be secured and the whole system will be steady and completely safe.

Tips for quick garage door cable maintenance

Open the door as far as you can; using your leg as a step ladder. It is under the door so you need to ensure that the electronics are disengaged and there is something holding it up. Lead the door downward. Use the same cable length to maintain even tension on both sides.

If it is hard to keep the door closed, the torsion spring requires adjustment

This is a sign that there is too much tension in the spring. That is why the door would just move up from the floor. The tension has to be reduced so that it matches the weight of the door precisely.

Garage door installation is harder than you think

Installing a new garage door is a long procedure and a very hard task. It's hardly a one-man's job! If there is already a door installed, it must be removed. The new overhead door must be assembled and you must have perfect knowledge of how to install the garage door tracks and every part of the system. Your safety depends on it.

Be very careful near off-track garage doors

Garage doors are strong but they are no match against the sudden impact forces of a moving vehicle. This is why when you or someone else is not careful with their vehicles in your garage, you could end up with broken panels, tracks, cables, springs and rollers. Garage Door Repair Mahwah advises that extreme precaution be used when approaching a damaged garage door that has been knocked loose of its tracks and cables. Professional assistance is most likely needed to put everything back together.

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